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dissapointed with Hurricane warranty policy

I have had my 201 for about 6 months, bought it brand new. The other day a circuit breaker(bilge pump) popped out and wouldn't reset. Took it to dealer and he called a day later, circuit breaker bad....but Hurricane says they won't cover it!!! Gave me the number and lady at Hurricane said it was a maintenence issue and they don't cover them. how the **** is a circuit breaker a maintenence issue!!! I figured for sure I had at least a 1 yr warranty over things like circuit breakers, bilge pumps, radio,etc. My fault for believing that would happen, didn't even bother to look it up in my paperwork that is such a basic issue. Will definitely make me think about ever buying a new boat from them again if I am ever lucky enough to upgrade. $6.29 part cost me $101 with labor. Even the dealer was shocked it wasn't covered. 


  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  This caught us off guard as this should have been covered by the Hurricane warranty.  Please send a copy of your receipt or bill into our customer service department ([email protected]) and we will get you reimbursed for your bill.  We apologize for the misunderstanding and truly hope that you enjoy your 201 for many years to come.
  • rdrsteve
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    That is awesome and renews my faith in Hurricane! I will be sending an e-mail to the adress to see where I send a copy of my bill. Thank you very much!
  • nquirk
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    Two thumbs up Hurricane.  Great to see the company stand behind its products and its warranty.  Hopefully I'll never have to use my warranty.
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  • jfurick
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    My experience with Hurricane support has been absolutely horrible. I am recommending to my friends to NEVER buy a Hurricane. On my SD2400 OB the potty door didn't fit at all and Hurricane REFUSED to fix it, saying they would look at the issue "in the next model year". 
    The drains under the floor lockers don't drain because the hoses are routed so they actually go uphill. How is water supposed to drain uphill? They refused to fix it.
    Just plain old lack of interest in their customers and a downright inferior product.
  • We hate to see a post like this.  In researching the situation with the dealer, it is clear that we have gone through several iterations of repairs to the door in order to get it to work properly for you, as it should.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  According to our dealer and the fiberglass repair technicians completing the work, your door works very well now, so we were surprised by your post.  We also resolved the draining issue on your boat. 
    For all of this to happen there were numerous contacts between the dealer,  Hurricane engineers and the Warranty Department, much of which you would not know about.  Many hours have gone into the repairs by both the dealer and Hurricane to take care of these issues.  If you were for some reason displeased with the work, we would be glad to continue to work with our dealer to ensure your satisfaction.  Many people enjoy their Hurricane Deckboats and we stand behind the product to ensure that our customers are satisfied.  If you would like to speak with anyone in our customer service department directly, we welcome this.  Terri Gipson is your contact and can be reached at 574-522-8381.