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Replacing in-dash depthfinder

Has anyone replaced the in-dash depthfinder only with a GPS or GPS/Sonar combo unit, in the same opening of dash?? What unit?? Current unit a a Lowrance X-55 or 58 with shoot thru hull transducer. Would love to figure a way to mount a unit with larger 5" screen, but see how thats possible using existing in-dash opening. Just it enough space. Idea I have is to leave depthfinder as-is and mount GPS wit built-in antenna using bracket ontop of & and to the right side of dash...

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  • cjjjdeck
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    When I had the option of ordering the in-dash unit for my boat, I decided against it because I wanted a bigger screen (and Structure Scan technology).  I did have the in-dash depth finder option installed so I had a back-up for for the bigger unit.

    Here's a couple of pics (not that great) that will give you an idea of where it was mounted.  Although boats of today seem to focus on more stylish rather than functional dashboards, it makes for a struggle to find places for mounting auxiliary electronics, RAM mounting systems help a lot with these kind of installs.

    Hope the pics help.

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  • CaptainChris
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    The in-dash gauge for my depth finder had gone bad due to faulty transducer in the hull on my Hurricane. The depth finder kept sounding off with false alarms. I disconnected power to it. Much more peaceful that way. I'm planning on installing a GPS, fish-finder, speed-unit to replace the depth finder. Cheaper overall, with more functionality. It will bother me to have a dead gauge in the dash, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. 

    I wish I had a working depth finder currently, my formerly brand new prop would have appreciated the warning. :)