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Not a fan of factory installed deck plates...

I've never been a fan of the style deck plates like the ones on FD226f OB and refer to use Armstrong deck plates. I changed to the Armstrongs on my Pathfinder and they have a much better seal (nearly 100% waterproof) and are much easier to open/close. Anyone see a reason NOT TO replaace factory base plate & lid with Armstrongs?? One in front portside of deck that is 5" and 2 in splash well that are 6"...

'03 Pathfinder 2200v w/ 200 VMAX/HPDI "Lock'd & Load'd"; ~ 4mpg

'07 Lostmen 18 w/ 50 Honda (carb'd) "Bare & Natureal"; ~10 mpg

Parents run a '10 FD226F OB w/ F115 and Brother runs a '03 Bluewater 2550 w/ Twin 150 HPDI's.