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i have a 226, i'm looking for a cabana


i'm interested in purchasing a cabana (rear enclosure only) so we can enjoy the boat all year around.

does anyone have a suggestion for a reputable dealer that makes an off the shelf cabana that would fit or am i stuck with taking the boat somewhere and having a custom job done.  problem with that is i don't have a trailer, so would need to rent one or have someone pick it up and haul it for me.

any ideas would help




  • cjjjdeck
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    I anxious to hear responses to this as well.  

    I talked to my marine upholstery gal about adding curtains to the bimini top (I was interested in clear plastic at the time) and she told me she does it all the time.  So I know it's done with clear, should be no problem with cloth material as well. but how much is the question.
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