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Boat taking on water

pmracing Member Posts: 47 ✭✭

 I'm a first time owner of a 2006 Hurricane GS 202 fundeck I/O 5.0.  While on the water after 3 or 4 hours I'll hear the bilge cut on and dump out water for about a minute or so I guess. Is this something normal? I have a swim deck also on my boat and when I let of the throttle I see water rush up onto the boat but it doesn't seem to be enough to cause that.  Its usually after I've been sitting a while that it does it. I checked the plug and I have checked all around the boat to see if I have any leaks and cant see anything.  I just don't want to depend on a bilge to keep me afloat.  When I got back from the lake last week  ran a coat of silicone around the back of the transom around the motor just in case.  I just wanted to hear if this is a normal thing and no worries or if I park it at the dock over night will it still be above water in the morning .... Ive just always taken the bilge as an emergency water dump if you have a problem so you can get to shore not a constant fix.

Any help would be great guys....  

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