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Hydraulic steering

I have a Hurricane 217 deck boat w/ F150 Yamaha OB. In order to turn the engine from full right to full left I must turn the steering wheel 3 or more full turns. Steering in a straight line requires constant turning of the wheel. Can the steering be adjusted to lessen the required wheel turning?


  • nquirk
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    I'm assuming you have a SeaStar hydraulic system installed?

    I don't believe you can change the number of turns lock to lock (full starboard to full port)

    Have you tried to contact SeaStar directly?  They may be able to assist.  Contact their Hydraulic Steering Tech Support guys at the # listed from the link below


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  • callforbids
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    I bet if you bleed and purge the hydraulic steering system all your steering issues will go away. I've had the same symptoms on my Hurricane, and bleeding corrected them.

    It is a strange feeling to be steering your boat into a parking slip and have to turn the wheel several revolutions to make it turn to the port or starboard.


    You can find You Tube videos on the internet showing you how to do it. I will say that it is a lot easier to bleed the system when you have two people, one at the helm and another at the hydraulic system.


    Good luck,


  • callforbids
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    Forgot something!! (that is what happens when you are 70 years old.

    Check to make sure you don't have a loose fitting behind your steering wheel. If you have access to that area (pulling a dash panel) check it out. Air had to get in there somehow. Just feel around in the area and see whether you get any hydraulic oil on your hands.


  • farmersan
    farmersan Member Posts: 4
    I had my mechanic bleed the system. Now I can enjoy 5 knots instead of constant steering.
  • cjjjdeck
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    Thanks for the update, farmersan!  Updates are really appreciated as they benefit all of us in knowing the final solution..
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