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Loading a Tri-Hull

Epavuk Member Posts: 26
After a year of ownership, the most fustrating part of my SS188 OB is loading it back on the trailer.  For some reason, if I don't get the stern exactly centered, the boat will almost sit on one of the tirefenders(usually port side).  It often looks centered in the water but when I pull it out, the stern is off a few inches making the back of the boat look slightly lopsighted.  I know it's not a safety issue, but my wife will go on and on about how the boat's on the trailer "crooked".  I watch guys with their V-hulls have no issues.   Any suggestions? I have a MagicTilt trailer with standard carpeted bunks. 


  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭

    @epavuk, I don't know the trailer you've mentioned or the bunk setup (a friend and I have the same SS 188 and with a different brand trailer but a few years difference so the bunks are setup different even amongst the same model/brand)

    I suspect the challenge you have, I share with you.  I assume you have the two outer bunks that you referenced but do you have two inner bunks.  If these are close together its very frustration to align it perfectly between the two inner bunks.  Adjust them further apart would help if possible.


    If not, then even if its off centered, once you pull it out, it should self center on the wet bunks.

    However, how you've described it there are two other possibilities.  You have the trailer too deep so the boat floats over the fenders.   Don't know your launch or its degree of depth so this may be something you can't control.

    The option I'd choose that will help there is a set of guides.

    This will allow you to more easily align it for the outer bunks (won't solve for the inner bunk issue I mentioned however)

    Hope this helps.

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