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Problems with the hull on a 2005 GS202 Fundeck


I purchased my Huricanne July 2005 it has been kept on my boat hoist every season, except for this season. It was in fresh water from May20th thru Sept 15th.  Every year it has been professionally winterized and shrink wrapped with indoor storage 5 out of the 8 seasons.  I am really proud of the boat and get compliments on the lake all the time. I  baby the boat and am the only driver (adult 52).  When was cleaning the hull this season to prepare it for storage I noticed the hull was compromised around the keel everywhere else it is perfect. When I bought the boat there was a problem with the hull and my dealer set it back to the factory and the factory added and repaired the keel spring of 2006.  This is the exact place the hull is compromised. I contacted the factory and was told that it is out of warranty and they would not cover it.  It seems to me that the repair they performed in 2006 was substandard as this is the only area the problem is. Teri Gibson at the factory has been very polite and has responded to my inquiry via email and phone. I am  hoping that Nautic Gobal Group will review this in detail and offer a solution that is acceptable to both of us.