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Wiring an Anchor light

I was recently stopped by Florida Wildlife Commission for not have a working anchor light at night (yes we were anchored).  So today I was troubleshooting the issue and realized that the wiring connector from the hull to the bimini top frame was not connected, nor was it functional.  Therefore I need a new connector, and possibly a new plastic mounting bracket for the actual light.  I went to a local marina and they told me I would need to go to the manufacturer for the parts.  So here I am, but I cannot see anywhere on the website to find parts.  I have a local dealer about a half hour from here - should I go there or is there someone I can contact at the company?  I have a 2000 Hurricane deck boat.




  • nquirk
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    @kmulzet, I would first call the local dealer.  The light mount, socket, etc are pretty standard on all Hurricanes in the past 10-15 years so I'd be surprised if they couldn't order it in for you.

    There are no parts listed or available online, they're only sold through the dealer network.

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  • cjjjdeck
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    Just an FYI, I had an anchor light problem on my boat.  The problem was the connector on the end of the wire coming from the anchor light (and going through the bimini frame).  This connector plugs into a socket near the galley sink.  Luckily, the connector was NOT a molded connector.  Taking the connector apart revealed the problem, a few strands of one wire was shorting out on the opposite terminal intermittently.  This caused the navigation light circuit breaker to activate.  We reconnected the wires to the connector after snipping off the charred end and used heat shrink tubing on the connections to prevent the same occurrence.  No problem since.
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