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Where the heck is my battery!?!?

I just purchased a used Fundeck 216 O/B. I live in Western NY, so its stored until Spring. Not only am I brand new to the Fundeck, I'm brand new to boating, 

Captain Steve send me a pdf file that's pretty generic for the Fundecks. I was hoping to be able to solve "the hidden battery caper" without posting this embarrassing  post to the forum!  

If I could find the battery, I'd disconnect it … probably even store it in a warmer area. My barn gets mighty cold out there without any heat in it. I'd guess it's about 10 degrees out there now!


  • bshippjr
    bshippjr Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2013
    First off I am not familiar with the 216, but since there have been no responses, I can give you a place to look.  On the two Hurricanes I have had, the battery access is located on the port side corner of the stern, underneath a removable storage container/insert.  Hope this helps.  At any rate it is another excuse to go look at the boat.

    Edit:  I just looked at the video of the 216 on the Hurricane website and it looks like the compartment I mentioned is on the deck underneath the pop up changing station.
    2000 Hurricane SD 217 OB
  • mwjustinger
    mwjustinger Member Posts: 11
    Found it! Thanks bshippjr!