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Bilge pump use

Epavuk Member Posts: 26
I have a very basic question about bilge pumps.  I've had my Hurricane for over a year now and have never used the bilge pump. When I bought it, the dealer said I didn't need to turn it on unless the boat was taking on water (I trailer my boat).   Is that true?  Should I test it occasionally? 


  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭

    @epavuk.  Manually running it to ensure it is working is a GOOD thing.  Finding out that there is an electrical connection issue or that dirt buildup around the impeller preventing it from turning has occurred is good preventative maintenance.

    If you leave your boat docked in the water throughout the summer then ABSOLUTELY. 

    I leave mine docked all summer.  When we get heavy rains, the cover keeps the boat dry however areas such as the anchor storage door, the battery compartment will inevitable all water to access your bilge.

    My suggestion is that if its docked, once a month run it manually.  If trailered (as you do) check it at the start of the season.  Also note that your bilge pump has two switches, the manual one (on your helm) and automatic one (float switch).  To test the float switch, run a hose or buckets of water into the bilge until the water starts to cover the bottom of the bilge pump.  If it doesn't kick in automatically, you have a problem with either the pump, float switch, or electrical source.   

    The way you use your boat, you may never need it but if you're on the water and start to take on water, its nice to know it works.

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  • Epavuk
    Epavuk Member Posts: 26
    Perfect!  Thanks so much!