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Boat Handling

captbobg Member Posts: 5

Has any one experienced "  handling " problems in the docking of a 2014, 236 Fun - Deck boat ?

I am 72 years old, and have possessed  a 100 Ton USCG Master License over 30 years. I have never had the problems this 23 foot vessel has given me on any vessel that I have Captained.

At times I feel like I have lost control of the boat, and have hit my Sea-Wall 3 times due to either over or under helm control.

PS I am NOT SENILE, rather I am at a loss to explain how this boat responds to the Helm.


Capt.  Bob G



  • mlmeador
    mlmeador Member Posts: 12

    I have the same boat but older (2008). I recently lost all steering and, in hind sight, the steering was getting alittle 'sloppy' over the last few months.  I was having to turn the wheel more to get the boat to respond.  The ram O-ring was leaking and since replaced.  You could see a little oil on the ram.  From now on, I'm checking the ram after each use.

    I have been told by many mechanics that I must run the engine (Honda OB 200) full throttle for at least a few minutes each time (when warmed up).  The boat at the fastest speed is really tough to handle and feels like the steering is really poor.  I probably need to trim the engine more.  Hope this helps....Marty

  • 1wakeup
    1wakeup Member Posts: 4
    With you on this issue.  Too bad I didn't do more research before I bought mine.  Been a boater for 50 years and never had to deal with this steering problem.  Seems no answer, so stuck with $12,000 mistake.
  • M99
    M99 Member Posts: 68 ✭✭

    I'm pretty new to boats.  Only a couple years experience and I now have a 2016 2200 OB. With my 36 foot twin screw boat, I would have at least some steerage when I pulled it out of gear, as long as I had forward momentum. But with this smaller outboard, its much easier to handle when in gear and moving forward, but as soon as it goes into neutral, there is 0 steerage, and in reverse, very little either. I find that I have to be in gear and moving forward to control it, so near the dock I have to keep bumping it in and out of gear, since its too fast even at idle as I approach the dock and no steerage when it is out of gear. Luck seem sot have a lot to do with docking without embarrassment.

  • caseynettles
    caseynettles Member Posts: 69 ✭✭
    i hear trim tabs help on these boats for low speed steering