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Just joined forum. Electrical issues???

Hi! Just joined the forum.  Saw the advice about wiring diagrams and have already sent a "ping" to Terri for any help she can give me on the 1997 FD196RS that I just bought.  The trim, tach, speedo, amp gauges don't work.  Also nav lites, anchor lite, and accessory outley  Am going to attempt to trace down every wire (with help and advice), fix whats needed and make up my own diagram that I will carry with me in the boat.  The boat has a 1997 Johnson 115HP motor with an "OIS" optical ignition system (whatever that is) Any other help or advice would be appreciated.  Chuck

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  • chuck
    chuck Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, I think I'll run a positive and a negative main line up to the console and put it on terminal strips.  Then I can simply send all grounds there.  Any new things I add, the power will be right there.  Chuck
  • 1pointofview
    1pointofview Member Posts: 74 ✭✭
    I had some electrical issues with my 188 where certain switches would stop working and it turned out to be some master power relays going bad.  The relays in mine where 2 square little things that all the switches connect to.  Once I replaced them, everything worked like a champ.  you can only get them through a dealer though...
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