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Grounding Buss

The owners manual for my 1998 248 Fundeck says there is a grounding buss.  I am unable to find any semblance of one; and of course it appears the electrical has been worked over a time or two.  All I have found are two black 16 or 18 gauge wires connected to the negative battery posts.

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  • HHP123
    HHP123 Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the reply nquirk.  Yes they are daisy chained across the breakers but it seems to me such light gauge wire wouldn't carry the total amperage back to the battery.  The motor electric / starting cables look to be 2-0 which does make sense. 

    Well, I came upon this trying to get the gas gauge working.  I put in a new Seachoice universal sending unit, (major project through offset 5" access port!), and it appears to work in reverse.  Not a grounding problem though.