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Carpet for the 2011 Fundeck 216 OB

I'm considering adding carpet to my 2011 Fundeck 216.  I have the snaps already installed on the deck.  What's the consensus? 
  • Are there boaters out there who have carpet and have removed it? 
  • Does the carpet in your boat make boating that much better?
Can anyone give me an idea on where to purchase carpet for specifically my model Fundeck?

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  • bshippjr
    bshippjr Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭
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    I am on the other side.  Both Hurricanes that we have owned came with carpet that never got used.  One major reason is that our boat is kept covered, in a covered slip at a marina.  Wet carpeting would cause all sorts of mold/mildew issues.  While I personally wear Teva water shoes, we have never had any questions/complaints about not having carpet, even from folks who have carpet on their boats.  The non-skid surface works fine for us.

    My suggestion would be to try it without carpet for awhile.  Then if you decide you want it, order it.  I suspect you would need to order from a dealer.    
    2000 Hurricane SD 217 OB


  • mwjustinger
    mwjustinger Member Posts: 11
    bshippjr:  I agree with your post.  I expect to keep my boat covered at the marina. I'll go through my first boating season without a carpet and see how that goes.  I can always order it NEXT year if the non-skid surface starts to bug me.