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Lift settings for bumpers on SS 2400 OB

We have just purchased a sundeck 24' hurricane OB. We expect delivery next week. We are trying to obtain information on how to set the bumpers in our lift so the boat can be raised. Anyone know? How far apart in the front and back would be helpful. Any info is very appreciated.


  • rc44468
    rc44468 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same question/need. Did you get an answer? I've got some dimension information from Hurricane that may help but have not figured out if it is useful.

  • bshippjr
    bshippjr Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2014
    Since no one is responding I will throw this out.  I guess I am lucky, a couple of years ago when I sold my lift at one marina and just rented a slip with a lift at a closer marina the bunks fit fine.  Most lifts in my area are HydroHoist.  Have you contacted the lift manufacturer?  They may have boat specs loaded in their system.  Also make sure you have a sufficiently sized lift.  When I had a GS 248 I/O I needed a 6,000 lb lift, but my SD 217 OB only needs a 4,000 lb lift.

    Absent any more specific info, in thinking about location of the bunks you just need them far enough apart to easily clear the OB motor, and make sure they don't smash any transducer.
    2000 Hurricane SD 217 OB
  • ralphhwalker
    ralphhwalker Member Posts: 6
    Capt_steve posted some specs in the following discussion:

    I did get clarification from him :
    "Differences between 2014 and previous few years are very minor, so you should be able to use that template. Good luck!"

    I plan on using those worksheet to set up my new lift next month for my new 2014 202OB  SS, when the 3' of ice eventually melts in MN.

    Hope this helps you