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Looking to Buy a SunDeck Sport SS 202 I/O

Hello All, 

Brand new to the forum and Hurricane Boats.  I've got lots of questions, but I'll try and ease into things.  My first questions will impact my boat buying decision.
  1. I am looking to buy the SunDeck Sport 202 I/O.  Recently, a few buddies of mine have been bashing I/Os.  Granted they are all saltwater guys and I am buying this purely as a freshwater boat, but what is everyone's opinion on I/Os?
  2. Also, I am looking at getting the standard V6-225 SX engine.  I have a 13 and a 11 year old that both want to water ski and wake board.  Will this engine have enough power to them up and out of the water now and a few years down the road or should I invest in one of the V8 engines?
Thanks for the info


Todd B.


  • cjjjdeck
    cjjjdeck Northern NJMember, Moderator Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭
    I'll copy you on a response I had to a previous thread that might help in your decision process.  The boat you're considering has a maximum HP rating of 270, the exact next engine up from the one you're considering.  I think the 225-SX will perform pretty well, but I would strongly recommend you consider the Duoprop drive.  Most of your boating will not be at Wide-Open-Throttle and the Duoprop will give you better performance at everything. so the Duoprop drive might be the better spent money in my opinion over maxing out your horsepower (of course "both" would be ultimate!).

    Here's that thread response:

    I have owned both outboard and I/O powered boats and I can honestly say I don’t have an overly strong opinion of one over the other as far as performance goes.  I can tell you what I like about my current I/O configuration and I’ll share some thoughts.


    1) The full length swim platform, absolutely great for fishing, watersports and ingress/egress to the boat

    2) Having better access to “things” mounted below deck (like bilge pump, sonar transducer, fresh water and gas tanks, batteries etc.)

    3) Access to engine components while on the water without “dropping things” into the water (I know, that NEVER happens to anyone but me!)

    4) Option to have a dual prop drive (great for hole shot, lower plane speed, trolling/docking, high speed handling and performance)

    5) Usually quieter engine noise level as long as you don’t have the exhaust thru-the-hull (although I’ve heard some very quiet outboards too).

    6) Engine and drive are supported by hull stringers, not the transom, which distributes the weight and torque forces differently than an outboard hanging on the transom.


    Outboards also have some advantage when it comes to how far the motor and drive can come out of the water.  This is a really good benefit when boating in shallower areas; you can actually “see” where the drive location is.  The full swim platform can somewhat “hide” the drive position on an I/O (unless you boat in clear waters).  Also, the outboard can completely come out of the water where as the I/O remains submerged.

    The outboard is absolutely easier to service, especially when it's out of the water.

    Best of luck on a great boat!
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  • FlyingV5
    FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭
    All those positive qualities of the I/O were considered before I bought my FD196OB. If the weather is as nice as forecast I will go boating tomorrow (March 10th). No extra complications. Just drop the lift and go, same as ever. Just sayin'...
  • MarlTroutBum
    MarlTroutBum Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info.  After speaking extensively with my boat dealer, I decided to upgrade to the  
  • cjjjdeck
    cjjjdeck Northern NJMember, Moderator Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭
    Great motor!  Post some pics when you get it!
    2012 SD237 I/O Mercruiser 5.0L MPI ECT/ Bravo 3
    2012 Load Rite Elite Tandem axle trailer