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Stolen boats

fishing-lady Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
Our hurricane fundeck 226 re4 was stolen. The hull serial # is GDYP5150F809. It has a 150 HP, Yamaha, 4 stroke on it. Serial # 63PL 1076500, model F150tLR. But serial #'s are only good for honest people! thieves change them. The motor has a prosthetic scag and the boat is skinned on the bottom. Yes we ran aground. Our registration # is TN6890EA. We originally bought this boat new in Florida, FL3682NX. Title 102537455. Would be nice to find the boat as we were dumb enough not to insure it. Lots of them being stolen out of storage around Dale Hollow lake, it would be nice to catch these guys. If you bought it unknowingly or know someone who did, we can work out compensation for you. Please call us 502 541 1417