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questions on 1996 196R fun decka

huntinggal Member Posts: 0
2 years ago I got a good deal on a hurricane fun deck.  
we are finally looking at taking it out this year on the local lake ,   I do plan to take it in and have it checked out and serviced before hand  but have a few questions about the actual boat.  we have actually never owned a boat- been around one or two since we live by one of the biggest lakes in Texas but we are more hunters than boaters.   we do wanna do some fishing this year and would like to use our boat to do it.   I am admittedly ignorant about a 'boat'   hubby has been more around small aluminum boats so he knows a bit.  it was supposedly working when we got it.  but has sat for a while and now even the battery is dead thanks to a few kids playing pirates of the carribbean :) 

1) is there a schematic that identifies the setup?   what are all the compartments ?  live well? storage etc

2) there is a lid that lays down at the back of the boat by the motor.  it has legs and a hinge and some arms?  the lid has came off the hinges so it just falls smooth off if you pick it up.  what is this?   does anyone have pictures of how its supposed to look when being used?  maybe we can fix it. 

3) is there any thing about this particular model that I need to check out or be specificly cautious about ? 

everything seems to be sound, a little dry and mildewed maybe so what is good to put on the inside to keep it from getting  worse?   there does not seem to be any cracks but we are very careful to not break the knobs and hatches.  
I will have to redo the captains chair as it has came apart at the seams.  

there were 3 sets of skis with it so I am guessing the last owners skied with it,  the most ambitious we will get is possibly a tube.    mostly its just gonna be to get out to the middle of the lake and fish.  we have a large family so this type of boat is pretty much a must.