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SD2400 outboard cavitation

dmsapp Member Posts: 1
I purchased a new 2013 SD2400 with a Yamaha F250 last spring 2013. All and all we love the boat. I've noticed however when trying to trim the bow up some at cruise speed that it starts cavitating at a point that seems like it is way too early. I don't think I am getting the bow up far enough for max performance before it starts cavitating. The motor is mounted in the second hole from the top. I have looked at pictures of other boats online with the same configuration and the motor is mounted in the top holes, so the motor is lower. The dealer says the motor is mounted where he always mounts them on the 2400's. Do you think mine is mounted too high?


  • neverenough
    neverenough Member Posts: 1

    I have a 2014 SD2400 with a 250 and have the same issue.   At what position on your trim gauge did you start to have problems?  Did you ever get an answer to your question?  Did you ever have it lowered?