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2007 231 livewell overflow to bilge?

tedd63 Member Posts: 4

Hello I have a 2007 231 and was filling live and leaving pump running to circulate and water was going out the overflow.  I got back to ramp and had significant water in bilge, is the design of the boat for the livewells to overflow into the bilge?  Or do I have a leak somewhere?  Couldn't find any details in manual.



  • tedd63
    tedd63 Member Posts: 4
    Somewhat answering my own question. It is not intended to overflow to bilge. First off though the flowrite 3 way valves are shot that's a nightmare waiting to happen so now I have to figure how to keep water in livewell. Maybe I need to 4200 the top of the livewell I can't figure where else it is flowing out. Maybe when I hit throttle and tip boat it sloshed out? Any advice please. All I know is if I use livewell water in my bilge, don't use them come back to boat dry. I appreciate any thoughts.
  • bigsprig
    bigsprig Member Posts: 1

    04 GS 201 ob,  I have similar problem,  my live well also drains into bilge,  granddaughter uses live well as Barbie swimming pool while on boat and when got back to landing from last trip,  boat was so full batteries were almost under water, opened drain and turned on bilge pump several times during next trip, but live well was still draining into hull.   Jacked up front end at home to drain as much as possible.   Guess will start looking for an unhooked hose?   Do not see a drain that is not hooked to anything.   Learning as I go.  Fresh Water switch also does not do anything,  seems to be a common problem.  First goal is finding out why live well drains into hull.  then attack the fresh water spray pump.   Appreciate all the advice on this forum.   We love our Hurricane.

  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭
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    For livewells you should have two hoses.  

    Starting in your bilge area you'll see the supply hose.  It will be connected to a livewell pump (same as your bilge pump)

    There will also be a return (drain) hose from the livewell with a valve on it.  

    In no circumstances does your livewell drain to your bilge.  You should have a connected return hose.

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