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Bilge pump during in water storage

I recently bought a 2008 Hurricane 232 Fun Deck. This is my first boat so I am learning a lot. I plan to keep it in a slip over summer and I am concerned about the bilge pump. I know they have an automatic switch to turn on as well as the manual switch but will it turn on automatically if the battery switch is turned to "both off" or do I need to leave battery 2 on? Someone told me I should visit the boat once a week and run the bilge with the manual switch but the slip is an hour from home so that will be inconvenient to say the least (of course finding my boat at the bottom of the marina would be a bit more inconvenient). Thank you for your help.


  • bshippjr
    bshippjr Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭
    The bilge pump is typically wired directly to the battery for automatic operation of the float switch.  That way you can leave your battery switch off and other accessories will not be a drain on the battery.  Just make sure you check the battery strength periodically.
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  • nquirk
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    bshippjr is right.  In addition, its a good idea to test the function of your bilge pump,  both from the helm switch as well the automatic float switch (to do this, use a bucket and pour several buckets of water into the bilge to test that the float switch does in fact activate and pump water)

    These little pumps like to get stuff trapped in their impellers which cause them to stick.  So be sure it doesn't jam or blow the in-line fuse that will prevent it from working when you need it most (when it takes on water, in its slip and you're not around to check it)

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  • hutsonrs
    hutsonrs Member Posts: 4
    Thank you for your help. I had the motor tuned up, batteries and bilge pump tested and everything checked out well. I think I will pour some water in to make sure it works, seeing the pump kick in will give me peace of mind for the moment at least. Thanks again.