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Hurricane Deck Boat Docking Lights Mount access?

Floridaboy Member Posts: 0
Anyone know how to access the bottom nut holding the mounting bracket for the docking lights?  I bought replacement lights and cannot figure out how to access the nut holding the bracket to the front deck plate.  I can't seem to access the nuts from behind the front seat cushions.  Any advice?


  • cjjjdeck
    cjjjdeck Member, Moderator Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭
    Not knowing which model you have, I'm told that some models have brackets are just screwed in to the front deck, others can usually be accessed by an opening located behind the front cushion seat back.
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  • craigo
    craigo Member Posts: 5
    By now, you may have already finished this project. I have a 2003 Fun Deck 201, and just replaced the dock lights last week.  The originals were just screwed into the deck, no backing plate or holding nut. I just unscrewed the lights, cut the existing wires, and thought it'd be that simple.  However, the hole the wires came through was not large enough for the connectors on the new wires.  Tried to enlarge the existing hole, but unfortunately the drill caught the wires and shredded them. They fell into the space under the deck. I had no choice but to go into the port locker and cut a small hole so I could fish them out and repair them. After that, it was easy to use a straightened coat hanger and some tape to pull the re-connected wires back up. I'm not real handy..everything goes like this for me. But all is good now, except for a small fist-sized hole in the locker which I will cover with some piece of nylon, fiberglass or plastic screwed into the locker.  At least I now have an access panel for whatever next project shows up!  Hope this helps.