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Would like to re-engine our 1995 Fundeck 196re with a four-stroke?

joelthom Member Posts: 1
We love our boat, but ever since purchasing it we wished it had a four-stroke motor instead of the Yamaha 115 two-stroke it came with. The motor has always worked fine but we really hate the two-stroke odor and sound. The Yamaha fourstrokes are so sweet, but I quickly realized they cost more than we paid for the whole boat, new! Lately I've seen used Yamaha 155hp and 150hp motors available for around $7K, which would be doable. We dont put lots of hours on our boat so engine life is not a key issue. My question is can my boat handle the weight of the Yamaha 150 fourstroke? Our 115hp two-stroke is not quite enough when getting bigger skiers out of the water and I hear the 115hp four-stroke doesnt pull like the ole two-stroke.

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