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Mercruiser Transmission Cooler problem

In case you missed it, certain Mercruiser I/O engines (ours is a 4.3TKS 190HP) were recalled last August.  If you've got one, don't delay - get the cheap plastic transmission cooler replaced Before you put your deck boat in the water this season.  Ours exploded just 20 hours into a brand new SS201 and left us stranded in the middle of the lake.  Engine shut down due to heat and also melted the rubber shock bumpers between the engine and hull.  Chatlee Boat & Marine in Sanford, NC was absolutely HORRIBLE in their customer care after the fact.  Not only didn't they show any empathy, but they made it sound like our fault.  We also lost a tire on our Wesco trailer bringing the boat back to them (brand spanking new trailer had made 2 trips less than 2 hrs each way).  We ordered a spare while they had it but they left it unsecured on the tongue.  They hooked the trailer to my wife's SUV and let her drive off with it like that.  After almost flipping the trailer and SUV, and then bending the axle (when it fell off and under the trailer at 50 MPH), they actually told me "I wish we could say it was the first time that's happened!"  OMG.  Would NEVER buy another boat from them.  Then they handed me a bil for $170 for an oil change performed when the repaired the transmission cooler.  To Mercruisers credit, I told them what happened and they agreed to pay the tow bill.  Sent me a check within 2 weeks of sending them the bill.  Get those transmission coolers replaced folks.  Need to know if you have a bad one?  Look to see if yours is metal or plastic.  They switched to plastic to save some $$.  They can't take the heat and pressure.  QA anyone?  Replacement is metal.  If yours is metal, you're good.
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    Thanks for the info.

    The lack of customer service in the boating industry is just mind blowing, I guess they think we will only buy one boat in our life and not tell anyone else when they are so horrible. Wrong on both accounts. Sorry to hear what you went through at least the wife was ok, but scared I'll bet.

    Smoother sailing, thanks for the info.