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Sundeck 188S 2014 problems

Hi all, I recently purchased a brand new 2014 sundeck 188S. First time boat owner. Have had numerous problems already, and the boat is only 2 months old. It has a 115hp Yamaha, which takes FOREVER to plane out. We replaced the prop (it was a 3 blade aluminum 17 pitch) with a new stainless steel 15 pitch 4 blade. It is still slow to plane out. It lacks the "get up and go" horsepower. Secondly, the bolt came off in the middle of the bay on our yellow running light that is attached to our Bimini top. We had to disconnect the whole light because it was hanging by the electrical wires and it's currently under the seat and not in use because it requires a special bolt to fix. Third, our fresh water spray off works when it decides it wants to. Fourth, we don't an owners manual specific to our boat that tells us how this stuff is suppose to work!!! Fifth, our live well fills up, but the aerator is so high to the lid that when you move the boat the water splashes out everywhere. Is the aerator pole suppose to be shorter so it doesn't have to fill up so much?? Sixth, our Bimini top is a JOKE. the poles on the left side are broke, we are using bungee cords to hold it together. It looks like the weld of that thin aluminum has come undone, and the poles that support the Bimini on the side just flop in the wind. Seventh, brand new magic tilt trailer purchased with body, LED running light is already out. Someone please give me some feedback, do I have justified reasons to report this to headquarters?? When you pay 30k for a brand new boat, things like this just shouldn't go wrong, right? Please help!!!


  • tally_sundeck_2014
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    Regarding the Bimini top, the black straps that were provided to secure the Bimini top when it's open already dry rotted, hence the bungee cords to secure it. Not only are the bungee cords used when the Bimini is open, they are used to secure the broken aluminum poles
  • cjjjdeck
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    Your experience, so far, is most unfortunate and disappointing to hear.  The good news is that since you bought the boat new recently, your dealer should have no problem addressing any of your concerns, including the trailer light issue.

    Regarding the long tube that fits in the drain of the bait well; I cut mine down a couple of inches as it sat too high for my liking as well.

    Regarding the boat's performance, besides prop experimentation, I've noticed many owners with your model/size boat that have had trim tabs installed to improve the boat's overall performance.  Type in "trim tabs" in the search bar of the Home Page of the forum and read some of the listings.  You might find the responses helpful.
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    JOSHDOLPHINS1 Member Posts: 15
    It's time to go back to the dealer and make them fix everything including the trailer. If there is still issues contact Nautic Group they own hurricane. They will make your dealer jump.
  • ss188rider
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    Take it back to the dealer and make them fix everything broken.  It is still under warranty.  Try to find broken  issues before the first year.  Anything broke after first year and you will have to start paying to get it fixed.