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Spider cracks on boat deck gel coat.

doncon Member Posts: 2
Brand new hurricane boat delivered to us last June.  First inspection we notice some spider cracks on decking.  Called dealer and they said this was normal.  The cracks spread we took pictures and they said they would address it as it is only cosmetic! Enjoyed our boat all summer, then we took to a dealer for repairs in April.  The dealer said they need a stamp to redo the gel coat.  Has anyone had this happen to their new boat if so how did the repairs turn out?  Any help and advice is much appreciated. 

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  • CaptainChris
    CaptainChris Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
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    My boat isn't new (2001), but spider cracks aren't unusual, especially in the upper deck/weaker areas. Can't say I like it, but it seems to be pretty common. On a new boat, yeah, I'd be quite unhappy.