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No power to start 2004 Hurricane GS 232 Fun deck

Self inflicted issue. All systems were a go as far as power goes to the instrument panel and power to start my boat. Then I shorted something when trying to fix my trim gage on my instrument cluster. I touched the purple wire to ground and lost power. I checked the 3 fuses that are in line with my battery and all checked out fine. Where to look next?


  • nquirk
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    I'm not sure if they used an inline fuse breaker on the 2004 models, but on your positive cable you may have a circuit breaker with a reset on it .... it may be tripped.

    Will look like this (the red rubber cover should be wrapped over it and you can see the little reset button on the end here)

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  • thoray
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    I located a blown10 amp fuse on the 225 Honda Outboard on the starboard side that killed all power to the ignition and instrument panel.