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Replacement LED Courtesy lights / Yamaha 150 hard shifting

Hello fellow boaters/hurricane owners,

I have recently purchased a 2006 Fundeck 226R with a four stroke Yamaha 150. The boat is in great shape with only 67 hrs of freshwater use. I love this boat!!. I have some general maintenance to perform and have a few questions:

LED Courtesy Lights - One on the rear step is missing. Need to know where I can get a OEM replacement that matches the others?

Yamaha 150 - When I shift the motor into gear it makes some noise when the gears mesh. I was foating rafter to 4 other boats last weekend and noticed my boat was by far the loudest when put into gear. Also, in gear at idle was the fastest. My idle is at approx 900-1000 RPM. Seems like the Idle is too high. Any thoughts on improving the gear mesh when going in and out of gear?

Trim Indicator - My motor trim indicator gauge on the dash is pegged all the way up and does not move (even when motor is lowered).. I think the gauge is OK, Where should I start troubleshooting to get it operating?


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  • Ernest_T
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    What model 150 do you have?  2 stroke or 4 stroke?  What model year?  I can give you some information if it is the f150.
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  • blivet
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    If you have the F150 4-stroke (2 stroke may be the same not sure), fixing the trim gauge may be simple. Put the motor all the way down and look in the front for a little plastic ring (trim sender cam) with a single screw in it. You will see a tab sticking off this cam that manipulates a rubber arm on the engine. When operating properly this trim cam stays fixed like a pipe clamp, and as the motor tilts the rubber arm is moved up or down by this tab. Take your finger and move the rubber arm and watch your gauge. You may see your trim gauge move as you move this rubber arm. The rubber arm is small but you can get your finger on it.

    If that works you will probably find that ring is broken and loose. You will need to get this part but the new ones are metal and cheap. With a single screwdriver just replace this cam. Get it only as tight that it will hold but you can move it with your hand. With the motor all the way down, move the cam (and thus the rubber arm) until your trim gauge shows in the down position. Tighten - test - repeat if necessary. I dreaded this fix forever and it is simple. You may have another issue but that trim cam is a very common point of failure. Most local service shops keep them in stock for that reason. Good luck.