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Help with Hatch!!!!

objohn Member Posts: 2
I have a 2008 SD2400IO.    I have lost all 12volt power to the console, therefore not allowing me to be able to operate a single thing, such as the stereo, bilge, lights, horn, etc.    After troubleshooting the entire console wiring, I have determined there is no 12v power source coming to the console from the batteries.   So I need to access the batteries, (which are in the engine compartment), to inspect the wiring connections there.     PROBLEM......the ENGINE COMPARTMENT electric screw jack is [b][U]ONLY[/U][/b] operated by the 12v switch that is on the console!!!    No Power-No switch-No open!!!   There is absolutely no emergency access port, manual crank, jack release, etc., to manually open the compartment.  
My wiring problem aside, and to maybe simplify and better explain my problem, what if both batteries went dead?   How are you supposed to access your batteries to charge or replace them?    Has anyone else experienced this situation on this model?   Looking for help!!


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    smiley Member Posts: 34
    Here is where Teri usually comes in contact her, ....I would think you could "jump"it with another battery?  we always have a house battery in the bow, (we are stern heavy due to option choices)  you would be amazed at how many people we have helped by "here carry this battery to your boat and bring it back once you are started with extra ice or a beer."...we run fans etc off of it even though we have two aft on a switch,,, I believe in suspenders and a belt and a another belt..offshore mentality....we anchor is some out of the way places for days......
  • The compartment can manually be lifted in this situation.  The compartment will open it just will not stay open unless the lift is engaged.  You would need to prop open this compartment switch out the batteries to resolve this issue.