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Hour meter on guages

gloverrub Member Posts: 14
anyone know of a way to sync the hour meter on the SD 2400 gauges to the actual hours contained in the Yamaha 250 OB engine?


  • Ernest_T
    Ernest_T Member, Moderator Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2014
    Most of those type gauges register hours when a current is applied to their terminals.  Since most of the ones I've seen, like the Faria gauges that are on many Hurricanes are sealed, there is no way to manually change the hours.  

    What you could do is remove or disconnect the gauge and apply a 12 volt power source to the terminals.  This would cause the meter to run up to where it matches the engine.  This would work if your gauge is showing lower than the actual hours on the engine.  It may be possible to reverse the numbers by connecting the gauge up backwards, but I've never tried this.  For tach/hour gauge combos, this may not work unless you can figure out the specific wiring for only the hour gauge.
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