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Power off on dash and radio but still has dim light on radio button drawing power.

I have owned a 2005 Hurricane FD218R for the last eight years. The boat has been in storage all winter and I recently put her in the water. After a day on the lake my son noticed the radio wouldn't work. We played with it a little and found a few things that appeared strange. If the main (dash) power button was off and the (dash) radio button was on their was a dim light still showing on the (dash) radio button. This was drawing off the battery.
If the (dash) radio button is on and you shut off the main (dash) power button it appears to shut off the power to everything as normal. No dim light on the radio button.
Why would their be a dim light on the radio button when the main dash power button is off. I thought this shut all the power off?

Do you think the radio dash button is bad? A short in a radio wire?  A short in the wire that draws from the battery for radio memory?
I shut the power to the batteries off and hope I don't have dead batteries when I return next weekend. I really don't want to pull the boat out and take to the shop. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem and tell me where to start.
        Thanks, Bob