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Tachometer - reads zero

onthelake Member Posts: 5


I just purchased a 2014 Sundeck Sport SS 203 OB. It literally has 3 hours on it. It is still covered under warranty, but while I wait 2 weeks for a service call, this issue is driving me crazy. I can run 40 mph and my RPM's read 0. The RPM's usually works when I start it up and running. I haven't been able to pinpoint when it goes to 0. And just tonight I experienced my RPM's working (at 3500 or 3.5) and my MPH read 0.

Any thoughts?



  • onthelake
    onthelake Member Posts: 5

    to close this thread, the issue was in the wiring harness.

    on the rpm gauge - when the engine warmed up is when this problem occurred. the male end leads in the wiring harness were withdrawn and not touching the female ends. the leads were too short. to solve the leads were pulled to touch the male to female.

    the mph gauge - there is no electrical other than the light on the mph gauge. the gauge is run off of pressure. there is a small 1/8" hole in the front of the motor in the water. if that is plugged the mph will drop and not read your speed. even if you are going 40mph. make sure the hole is unclogged and not plugged with lake scum or weeds.

  • Hurricane0826
    Hurricane0826 Member Posts: 80 ✭✭
    Thank you for this additional information.