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2004 sundeck 187 with 305 i/o and having light problems and trim issues.

I just purchased a used hurricane boat that is in mint condition with only 50 hours. First issue my navigation and interior lights forward of the console do not work but those from the console back work fine. I checked the bulbs and they are still good so I'm assuming its a ground issue. also the horn doesn't work, no breakers are tripped and haven't had a chance to check voltages yet to see if I'm getting power to the horn and lights. I just thought this might have been a common issue and someone could save me some time on where to check first.  Second problem is my power trim, the trim down works, trailer up trim works but the normal up trim button has no response? Any ideas if its probably a wire the switch or the solonoid? Last problem isnt really a problem but when its a light load on boat and dont have much weight up front, have to really get on it to plane out with just the wife and little boy when skiing or wake boarding.  Has anyone had luck with the hydrofoils or just better off taking extra passengers to add weight to the bow?


  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭

    Few things.  They have a common ground across the switches, it may in fact be a problem near the horn/lights switches.  Sounds like a real possibility.

    Power trim.  Does it try to go up?  Sometimes when the trim pump is low on fluid it will refuse to move upwards (extra load) but will go down.  Check that first before chasing the electrical.

    Two things to improve the hole shot.  One, playing with prop pitch and # of blades.  For greater hole shot 4 blade and 5 blades will get you there quicker.

    Smart Tabs will also help plane quicker, and I'm not a fan of the hydrofoils and the Smart Tabs will help with getting on plane as well as staying on plane for cruising at lower speeds so are worth the couple extra bucks.

    Let us know how it progresses.

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  • RobGregory
    RobGregory Member Posts: 2
    Had some time to work on it this weekend and here is what I have found:  The interior light that doesn't work was pulled apart at splices near the light so easy fix, then had power to the horn when button is pushed so I'm assuming horn just quit working, and as far as the lights go the rear light on the same circuit works but the front to do not.  Haven't got that problem chased down as I ran short on time and haven't had a chance to play with the trim yet.  On the trim I have the up/down button and a trailer-up button on the throttle lever.  Pump is full of oil, the trim down and trailer up button function as they should but the Trim up button doesn't work.  Not a big deal as i can trim up with the trailer button but I'm very picky so would like to fix it if possible, just thought it might have been a common problem.