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Trim Solenoid

Good Morning,
  Was loaded and ready to hit the water yesterday and the trim down would not operate. I was told by local Hurricane dealer and neighbor that solenoids went out on regular basis. The up still operates at this time. Local marine boat repair shops are behind at least 4 weeks. I would like to replace myself and have already purchased original equipment parts. Need schematics or help locating solenoids. New to forum as I have had boat for 3 years with 0 issues. Great boat.



  • nquirk
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    @wlhauto, hard to help you without you providing some information on the manufacturer (Mercury, Yamaha, etc), type (Inboard/Outboard), year and HP.  This will give folks a starting point to try to help you.

    Definitely seems like a solenoid issue.
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  • sunfun56
    sunfun56 Member Posts: 2

    I am in the process of ordering a solenoid for my yamaha 115 4 stroke. It's not hard to find. If you hit the trim switch you can hear it click. It is size of a small cell phone with about 8 plastic cap screws.