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ski pole

Ski pole on my 2003 GS 211 is a little smaller than I would like. toe line rubs top of engine cover.  can I get a taller pole to fit in current hole and slot?


  • BWH
    BWH Member Posts: 113 ✭✭✭

    RR,  I don't think a longer pole would fit in the same location without protruding above the now "stowed" height.  With that said, I am also looking to increase the height of my ski pylon.  I would even be willing to have the pylon remain "always up" or "never in the stowed location".    I also considered exploring a longer pylon that would fit over the top of the current pylon and then be removed when not in use.  Would love to have a wakeboard tower installed, but they are cost prohibitive.    Hopefully you get some useful information from others in response to your post.  Good luck!