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Tell Tale or "P" tube.

Wanted to share so others may benefit.  Suzuki DF-150.  On lake recently with motor running fine.  Headed in and noticed at idle I was getting very little water from my "P" tube.   Pulled out of the no wake zone and got up on plane; excellent stream.  As I had never had a stream problem, I arrived home and used the wire through the tube method a lot of folks suggest to clear any blockage in the tube.  NO luck!  Contacted my mechanic and he suggested using an air compressor with the motor running.  Used the compressor and immediate strong stream.  Learning point for me was on the Suzuki DF 150 and maybe other motors the "P" tube enters the motor cover on the starboard side and then snakes all the way around the motor to the port side before entering the housing.  No way would a wire flexible enough not to do damage make the turns and twist required by this hose.  Air hose worked like a champ.