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2006 Fun Deck GS 194, very similar to todays Sun Deck models.  I am installing speakers just forward of the outbaord motor.  Hoping to mount removable wakeboard type speakers on the ski pylon in order to avoid adding any new holes to the boat.   Not 100% sure it will work, but hoping to try it in the coming days.  Plan is to run wiring inside of hull from just in front of motor along starboard side and back in to dry storage area behind steering column.  Looking for suggestion about how to get the wire down the inside of the boat.  I have access in the rear bilge area and from inside the dry storage, but not along the way.    Anyone tried this?  Any suggestions about how to snake the wires along the inside of the hull?  Safe boating and Happy 4th!




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    @BWH you can easily run it down using a fish tape down the side of the hull, and attaching the wire and pulling it back.    I've done this with cable for my trolling motor etc, and its quick easy to do.

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    My mechanic left a pulling tape strung through the hull from console to transom for future use. I like his idea.

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    My unprofessional experience pulling cables leads me to second the recommendation of the fish tape but to also recommend another fishing tool—coated aluminum clothesline wire. It bends very easily, but has the same stiffness in every direction, unlike fish tape, and you can bend it a little ahead of time to make it follow curves you know are there more easily. The coating makes it slide as easy as decent fish tapes. Though you're not going through conduit, if there are sticky spots a little cable pulling lubricant might help. It's slimy, clear, and water soluble, so I wouldn't think it would hurt anything below deck. Also, if there's another wire already going where you want, you could disconnect it and use it to pull a string through, then use the string to pull both cables back through. I'm not recommending that, but it might be an option.
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