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In dash compass

Hello guys,

I have a 2008 SD220 and noticed on my in dash compass gauge that the compass has condensation behind it. I want to replace it but have no idea how to and do I have to go through a dealer to get this piece ?? Thanks in advance !!


  • nquirk
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    I don't have one of these on my boat but would assume that most online boat supply stores could provide you a replacement that will work or you can order it direct from a Hurricane dealer.

    As for the removal and installation, can you provide details on the make of the compass and/or better yet can you provide a picture of the gauge?  Makes it easier to determine how it is fastened and can be removed.

    Some have a spin on washer type collar that holds it in the dash (like the blue one below), others have a clip fastened via bolt/nut combo that you remove the nuts and slide the retaining clip off the gauge.  (example in pic below)

    Then its just a matter of disconnecting/reconnecting the wires (to the correct posts)

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