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Replacing the "wimpy" horn on my 2008 SD2400


I have always thought the horn on my SD2400 was wimpy...sounds like a volkswagen beatle.  Has anyone found a louder horn that fits in the same cutout as the original horn?


  • nprcoolcop380
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    I have an 08 SD220 and I also have the Volkswagen Beetle horn as well. Please let me know if you get the answer to this and is it easy to install >???
  • cjjjdeck
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    Most of the Hurricane model boats use a Mini "drop-in" horn design.  My model uses one that sounds pretty good, so I haven't felt the need to replace it.

    I would look on a number of the marine supply websites (iboats, Overton's, Defender, West Marine, etc.), take a look at what drop-in horns they offer (they all have them).  Make sure the model you are considering is made of stainless steel, then read the reviews.  Most reviewers seem not to want to have a wimpy "Beetle" sound either and they usually let people know if they're satisfied with the tone.  Higher amperage models may also contribute to a louder, better sound as well.  Most horns are in the 3-4 amp range.  Older Hurricanes have a 5 amp horn circuit, newer ones have a 10 amp circuit (check your circuit breaker stamping).

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  • HydroCanis
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    Finally got back to fiddling with the horn. Button has failed (no connection internally), so I'll replace that and use the factory horn for a while. I was thinking about mounting a single trumpet air horn where the factory horn is now. That would mean either using a little compressor just for the horn or adding an air tank and compressor. Also, I'm guessing it would mean adding a relay to power either compressor from a higher current circuit. Has anyone done this? Any issues mounting the trumpet? Recommendations on brand, type, etc? Due to budget considerations, it unfortunately won't be a Kahlenberg or some such  :p
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