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No Instruments

I have just purchased a 2003 Hurricane 226R with a 4 stroke 115HP Yamaha outboard.  None of the instruments work.  I have some wiring diagrams from the previous owner but nothing that shows how the gauges are wired.  I have removed the instrument panel and I do not have 12V to the gauges.  Tracing the red and black power wires back it looks like they are together in a single harness that comes out at the motor.  These red and black wires hit a connector in the engine and following that looks like they go to the tilt trim switch.  I am pretty sure I lost the wires in there somewhere as I don't think this is correct.  I would expect the instruments panel would get power from the ignition switch but I haven't found any connection.

Does anybody have instrument and motor wiring diagrams for this boat or something close? I was really expecting to find a loose  or corroded connection between the gauges and  ignition but I cant find any wires from the gauges to the ignition.


  • remrun
    remrun Member Posts: 2

    I found the power problem. Someone had removed a gauge in the past and when they disconnected the wires they left the power wired disconnected.  The wires I traced all the way back to the engine was for the tilt.

  • cjjjdeck
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    I have the wiring diagrams for you boat.  I'm sending you a Personal Message.  Watch for the notification located by your avatar.  The globe and letter symbols will show a red "1".  Open the message so I can send them to you.

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