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Warning buzzer-Engine Oil low?

Lawnie Member Posts: 4

Hello everyone, 

Powering our 2009 Hurricane 237, we have a 2009 Yamaha 150 HP two stroke, with 425 hours. Engine has been well maintained and runs great. About a month ago, I got a low engine warning buzzer. The small oil tank ( inside the engine cowling) was a pint low, and the remote tank needed oil. I decided to exchange the existing oil with a fresh batch of Yamalube. I have since taken the boat out three times, about six hours running the engine. Yesterday I again experienced a low oil buzzer. The small tank was about a pint low, but the remote tank was full and did not send oil to the small tank? Is there an oil feed pump that runs from the remote tank to the engine oil reservoir?  Anyone still out there with a trusty old Two-Stroke that can provide some insight? Thanks....Lawnie

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