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factory horn issues

HydroCanis Member Posts: 176 ✭✭

My presumably-11-year-old wimpy factory horn was working fine until a week ago. I took it off and tested it with a 12V/3A power supply and the horn itself works. So I tested the voltage on the wires feeding it, and there's less than 7 volts (seems to drift between the low 5s and 6.7V). Meanwhile, the cigarette plug on the dash was showing 12.75V. I don't know whether to suspect the switch button, the breaker, the source to the switch, or what. Thoughts? I hope I can get to whatever from below the dash and not have to crawl behind it.

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  • nquirk
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    Quick way to check is to get two wires to use as temporary 'jumper wires'.  Remove the 2 wires on the back of the horn, attach the 2 jumper wires and connect them to an unused ACC switch.  If it works, its the switch.

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