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Main master switch click every one minute when i turn it on , bought a new switch but still same iss

I got a 2007 hurricane boat fun deck on the main master power switch keep clicking every 1 minute , then i turn on the other switches for boat like raido , live bait well, and fish finder it still click, replay the main power swith and it still clicking every one minute. Even with a new switch, what could be the problem every 1 minute the with out having anything else on but the main power switch and just having that on causing a clicking noise and on the main dash i can,t see flashes red light , and after one minute only on the main master switch on it start clicking with out turn on the other switches, but on my 2007 fund deck i can,t turn on the other switches unless i turn on the master power swith so i don,t know what to do or try . I thanks all the reply to my post thank you so much.


  • crabby
    crabby Member Posts: 2

    that the main power master switch that control all the other switches, you need to turn the main on to have the other switches working , i can turn all on and they all work but i get the clicking sound every one minute like it trying to turn off but everything runs ok, but it flases red that show the swithes are on but flash on the dash and make a clicking now and flases the red light. I hope i gave enuff info for someone to help me thanks inadvance for all to reply. thanks