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Live well pump dead

My boat apparently came with the fishing package—back then a live well and a fishing seat & mount on the bow. Switching on the live well pump does nothing. I looked around below deck, and it looks like the intake and drain for the live well both go through the back of the hull, with shutoff valves where they penetrate the hull. I see what I think is the pump—a fairly small white thing—but it's going to be tough to reach from any access hole I can find. Looks like the round cover just to the starboard side of the outboard in the transom area is the closest, but the pump is low, further forward, and further starboard, still quite a stretch from the access hole. I can try to bare the wires and test for power, but assuming it's the pump, any suggestions on reaching it to replace it? Replacing the freshwater pump was a success, but it was much easier to reach.

2003 Sundeck 217 OB, Yamaha 150 2 Stroke
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