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1994 Hurricane FD226 Fuel Tank

I noticed a lot of water/trash in the fuel tank.  Is there an easy way to drain and flush out the fuel tank?  Also, is there any schematic of the fuel system including wiring,fuel lines, fuel pump?

I have the owners manual, but it does not provide any useful detail


  • dward0
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    Any luck?

    I need to do the same thing on my 1991 FD196.  Seems only easy access is through the fill tube?   Was thinking I would wire up an old fuel pump to the trolling motor battery and suck the tank dry through the fill tube.  Obviously need to be mindful of keeping the electrical connections away from the fumes.  

    I also considered removing the sending unit (since it doesn't work anyway) and run a hose down to the corner.  From what I can tell the tank lives beneath the bench seating on my boat, but be danged if I can figure out how to access it.

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