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Anyone here have a jackplate on their Hurricane? I just bought a 6"Atlus hydraulic for my new Sundeck sport 203 with a 200 optimax, I will take the boat and run it for a weekend without it and then install it and do some prop testing, the boat is coming with a 19p Trophy Plus and I have 8 other props to try, I'll post my results once I get it in the water, the trailer was supposed to be at the factory Tuesday and it was supposed to ship soon after, just wondering if anyone else here played around with a JP on theirs, I went with hydraulic because on a boat this size it would be hard to find a sweet spot that you could just leave it at IMO, you can get away with a manual on a smaller speed type boat but to get the most out of it I thought hydraulic was best for this, if you get lots of weight in the bow it's nice to be able to drop the plate a bit for more bow lift or raise it up running light, can't wait to do some testing.


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    I put a 6 inch manual on my fd226 with a sho200. Only noticeable change so far is boat is easier to drive.  Running a 4 blade solas 14.25 × 17 (junk) currently at 5650 rpm @48.6 mph. I plan on going to a 14.5 × 17 mercury enertia (3 blade). The solas lifts the stern too much and no bow lift. My plate is all the way down now.