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Bilge Problem - Not working, but bilge light on console on & all batteries to off position

MARSHvt Member Posts: 8

Have a 1998 248 OB. Been dealing with a bunch of issues but here's a new one. Saw the other day that the bilge pump was out of position and upside down. Been running less than 3500 RPM with no waves so not sure how that could have happened. Back a few months when on land the auto bilge worked fine even when batteries were set to off. Now the bilge doesn't work, but even when the batteries are set to complete off, the light for the bilge is on. Thanks in advance for any help!!


  • MARSHvt
    MARSHvt Member Posts: 8

    Follow up. Had to go away this weekend, but went down to the lake/boat, found some foam/insulation stuck in the impeller and placed the bilge pump down in the 5" of water in its seat. No pumping- this was a pump that was working two weeks ago on auto/non-battery being on. Turned on the battery, turned on the bilge switch. A siren/alarm started going off. I turned off the battery. Still loud alarm. Finally after a minute thought to turn off the bilge switch on the console. Any thoughts? Thanks!!

  • rdcastle
    rdcastle Member Posts: 100 ✭✭✭

    Is your boat equipped with a bilge high water alarm? Most bilge pumps that are set up for automatic operation have a power lead with overload protection connected directly to the battery. This power runs through a separate float switch to the pump or the pump may have three conductors if the float switch is internal. If connected in this way, you can turn the battery switch off all day and there is still power available to the bilge pump. Trace this circuit out and see what you find. I am assuming you are not the original owner and believe me, some people have some very "interesting" solutions to marine electrical problems! As far as the pump not working, the overload protection may have kicked in so look for the fuse or breaker that should be in the circuit. If you find it is intact then the pump is probably toast from trying to pump the foam insulation :D

    Rob Castle
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