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Engine cuts out after low oil problem fixed

jdewitt Member Posts: 0

Ran 'er low on oil. (Merc. 225 EFI)  Refilled main reservoir partly, started up & sucked up into engine reservoir.  Topped that off and filled main reservoir to very top.  Took 'er back out and she purred like a kitten until I got over about 2000 RPM's.  What to do?


  • 89checkmate
    89checkmate Member Posts: 148 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2014

    Did you have the caps on the main oil tank tight and loosen the small cap on the engine tank when you started it and let the engine tank fill?

    It's a pressurized system so oil is pushed in the small tank as air is let out the cap on the top, sounds like air in the system, suck the top inch or two of oil out of the tank on the engine with a syringe or turkey bastor and try doing it that way, let it fill until oil starts to come out the top of the small tank and then tighten cap, have a rag handy, hope this helps.