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Master power (MP) switch operates - Boat runs great but right right of MP switches out.

cgbrett Member Posts: 1
I am new to the forum and I've seen very similar posts regarding the switches. I have power to the horn and master power switch. I can start the boat and it runs great but everything to the right seems to be out. I use a volt meter to check the continuity and voltage, it is good all the way to the end. I've disconnected the negative terminal on the battery and cleaned it, then reconnected nice and tight, switches still not working. I am at a loss and not sure. My Sundeck is only two years old, 2012 Hurricane SunDeck i/o 188, with the Merc 3.0... I have the switch covers off and both sides pulled out so I can test each one and just not sure where the issue is at. I've tried to reset them but all are good, am I missing a fuse to those switches? I've looked at the fuse on the positive terminal and it appears to be fine. I disassembled the switch on the radio and put it back together and it worked for about two minutes but when I tried to turn the other switches on it went out. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, wiring diagrams, advice or thoughts what might be the issue. Do those breakers go bad? Since they don't have fuses I didn't think they did and only needed to be reset. 

Novice Boater needing help.